Flangeway Gauge
For Proto:87 use only . Used in hand built track and turnout construction.
Its Purpose is to correctly position checkrails relative to the crossing V during turnout construction, or the second check-rail in level crossings or bridges. It will
not suffice for checkrails in sharp curves. This requires the Check-Rail Gauge.
Note:The correct datum point for flangeways as opposed to check-rails is the adjacent running rail or, in turnouts, the Crossing V. Our design can used with any of the finer rail profiles from code 83 down to code 55, provided the rail head width is between 0.6mm and 0.9mm
Gauge widening has no role here, as that is accounted for by the Check-rail Gauge.
This is because the function of a check-rail is to pull the wheel-set contact point clear of the opposite rail (or crossing V). Gauging from any other datum would introduce potential inaccuracies.
The gauge is treated so as to be resistant to solder, fluxes and glues.
Its simple appearance hides the fact that it is a precision turned product, of compact yet handy proportions.
While this is a feeler-gauge, it can
best be used by positioning it
between an already fixed crossing V
or adjacent rail, and the to-be-fixed
wing rail. This should result in a
setting well within tolerance.
Please refer to
Proto:87 standards
and articles on turnout construction.

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Check-rail gauge
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