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Proto:87 tyre profile
Redrawn from that published by the MRSG 1970 and the revision of J.S.Brook Smith 20 Aug 1995
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Proto:87 Standards
While the rail section is canted at 1in 20 in the prototype, this only applies to plain track . In turnouts the rail section is normally mounted vertically.
Interestingly, we are not aware of any modeller having achieved 1 in 20 rail cant using Vignoles rail section in 1:87 scale, but equally we are not aware of anybody having identified that as a source of bad running qualities. However improved running qualities have been demonstrated by using rail profiles with correctly rounded shoulders. Perhaps this would equate to worn profiles in the prototype.
Recently taken out of industrial service, this well worn"Tigerli" driving wheel would not have been allowed on a public passenger railway. We wonder how often it derailed in industrial service?