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Rolling stock converstion bearings:
Product code WRS-B-C-U

Our first accessory is a special pin-point bearing designed to simplify and aid conversion of commercial models of wagons and passenger stock to run on Proto:87 standard wheel-sets.
The intention is to accommodate the standardized
Proto:87 axles of 22.7mm nominal length in the existing chassis of the models without further modification.
Because the one bearing in combination with the standardized axle length can be used in nearly all conversion situations, this removes the doubt for the modeller as to what axles and bearings they should buy for any particular project.
The only
tools required in order utilize these bearings are the tools that any serious modeler would have available to him:
A Vernier caliper to measure the distance between the W irons of the model
A good quality swiss file with fine teeth
A Xuron rail cutter or similar tool
And perhaps a 2mm and a 2.5mm drill
For materials:
Plasticard of 10 or 15 thou thickness
A contact adhesive
Plastic Weld polystyrene glue
And sometimes some solder and a soldering iron can all be useful depending on the situation encountered.

Instructions for use