For Proto:87 use only. Used in hand built track and turnout construction,
Used for correctly positioning checkrails relative to the crossing V during turnout construction, or positioning check-rails in sharp curves, level crossings or bridges.
Designed is for use with any of the finer rail profiles with a rail head width is between 0.6mm and 0.9mm. (Nominally code 83 down to code 55)
The gauge is treated so as to be resistant to solder, fluxes and glues.
Minimal jaws aid to turnout and complex track formation construction.
The gauge is used to position the check-rail relative to its datum of the opposite running rail.
It will give the correct check gauge regardless of gauge widening .
This is because it is the function of a check-rail is to pull the wheel-set contact point clear of the opposite rail (or crossing V). Gauging from any other datum would introduce potential inaccuracies.

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Product code: WTG-CRG