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Proto:87 gauges
A complete range of gauges designed specifically for the Proto:87 standards.
Designed to be durable, easy to use, having a broad range of application and priced
for the hobbyist.
Intended for use with all rail sections with a head width between 0.6 and 0.9 mm.
The range includes the 3 Point Track-Gauge, Check-Rail Gauge, Flangeway Gauge
and a Back to Back Gauge and Centering Pins. order to guide and aid the modeller to successful track and rolling stock construction to Proto:87 standards.
All of the Proto standards are designed around the requirement to ensure track and rolling stock conform to a consistent standard. As with the prototype railways, the rail and wheel profiles, and the turnout geometry are designed to complement each other. Using the gauges makes track and turnout construction simple and the gauges when used as described ensure accuracy.
Although standards are defined to 2 decimal points, this is of no consequence to the modeller as the gauges replace the need to measure and adjust.
As with most things in life, experience in using tools improves the performance of the craftsman. Some of these tools are feeler gauges, and therefore extra care and thought will aid good construction for the less experienced modeller. If you have any questions concerning the use of our gauges please don't hesitate to ask us . We find that face to face communication the most effective means of explaining.
We currently offer a range of 4 gauges, available singlely or as a boxed set with sufficient multiples to enable a good start with track construction.

Please follow the buttons below to see the individual gauges and their use.
Back to back gauge
3 points track Gauge
Check-rail gauge
Flangeway Gauge
Boxed Set :
Product code: WTG-SET